Things to do in The Coorong and Meningie


Head straight out from Coorong Waterfront Retreat to explore the Coorong (lagoon) and the wilderness of the Younghusband Peninsula.


Explore the many walks in the Coorong National Park and surrounds. See our information folder at Coorong Waterfront Retreat for more details.


The Coorong is internationally renowned for waterfowl and is a major breeding ground for pelicans, ducks, swans and ibis. During the warmer months, the Coorong becomes home to thousands of migratory birds such as sandpipers, stilts and stints.

From Coorong Waterfront Retreat you can:... Drive to the Pelican observatory and breeding grounds at Jacks Point.... Observe the wildlife on one of the many walks in the Coorong National Park.... View the Mallee-fowl nest accessed via the Loop Road at Salt Creek. While you are there, keep a lookout for emus on the salt flats and through the scrub.... Take a drive along Seven Mile Road to view the birdlife along this waterfront.... Take advantage of the kayaks provided at Coorong Waterfront Retreat and observe the birdlife from the water along the opposite shore....  Take a drive along the self-guided bird-watchers trail around Lake Albert with views across Lake Alexandrina. Use the guide provided to identify birdlife and habitat along the way.... Play the Friends of the Coorong Birdlife Adventure Game provided at the house. You will be surprised at how quickly you will increase your local knowledge.... Or simply use the spotting scope provided to view the variety of waterbirds from the comfort of your home.


Coorong Waterfront Retreat’s central location along the Coorong and just meters from the waterfront makes it the perfect destination for your next fishing holiday.

For ocean beach fishing, launch your boat (shallow draft only) at a nearby ramp and head across the 2km wide Coorong lagoon in front of the Retreat to the Younghusband Peninsula. After a 20-minute walk through the sand dunes you will arrive at the ocean beach. Alternatively take the 40-minute drive (including a 4WD section) to the ocean beach at Tea Tree Crossing (summer only) or 42 Mile Crossing. Commercial fishers set their nets for Coorong Mullet along the stretch of lagoon in front of the Retreat. A license is required to set nets. A license is not required  for line fishing.In the warmer months, the best line fishing within the Coorong Lagoon is out from Long Point, Mark Point and Pelican Point approximately ½ hour’s drive north-west of the Retreat. There is a small jetty at Long Point. In the cooler months try your luck at line fishing in the lagoon in front of Coorong Waterfront Retreat. You will need a boat as it’s quite shallow close to shore. Cockles seem to be the best bait and a small hook is advised. Fishing on the Coorong can be prohibitive when it’s windy, so if possible, plan your trip around the weather.

exploring by 4WD

Explore the myriad of 4WD tracks both close to home and throughout the Coorong National Park. 

Day trips from the Retreat include:42 Mile Crossing
Approximately 40 minutes drive south-east of the Retreat. Turn right off of the Princes Highway and follow the unsealed road to the 42 Mile Crossing Campground. Continue on along a 4WD track through sand dunes to the ocean beach. 4WD access along this section of beach is permitted so drive along, pick a spot to relax or fish and enjoy!
Tea Tree Crossing Approximately 30 minutes drive southeast of the Retreat. This is a dry weather track only. Follow the Princes Highway and turn right at Salt Creek on to the Loop Road. Follow this unsealed road until you reach the Tea Tree Crossing 4wd track that will take you through the sand dunes to the ocean beach.Seven Mile Road to Mark Point
From Coorong Waterfront Retreat head NW until you get to a point where the road heads inland. There is a shack by the water at this corner. From here you can continue along the waterfront on a 4WD track. There may be a rope or other barrier across the start of the track that you will need to move to one side to pass. There will also be some gates that you need to go through along the way. Observe Aboriginal land signs. When you arrive at Long Point turn right and left again onto Kartoo Road (unsealed) and continue along the waterfront for several kilometers. After a bend the track continues along the waterfront and becomes quite sandy. Spectacular views of the sand dunes of the Peninsula and small lonely beaches are a feature of this trip.

coorong wilderness

Cross to the Younghusband Peninsula.

Large areas of the Younghusband Peninsula including the dunes opposite Coorong Waterfront Retreat are officially classified as wilderness. This means that you won’t find any built tracks through the dunes or any toilets, shelters or other facilities. What you will find is pristine dunes, thick vegetation surrounding soaks and shorebirds and other wildlife in their natural habitat.This area is an integral part of the Coorong National Park. To get there from the house you will need to make the 2km lagoon crossing either on the kayaks provided or in your own tinny or other shallow draft watercraft. There is an informal boat ramp 1km along the road from Coorong Waterfront Retreat that is used by the local commercial fishers who catch Coorong Mullet in the lagoon. You can launch there and then leave your boat moored directly out from the house.The kayaks can be launched in front of the house. A trolley is provided to help you transport the kayaks across the road to the water. Once on the other side of the lagoon you can walk along the shore or you can make the 1km crossing on foot through the sand dunes to the ocean beach.There are emu and kangaroo tracks that you can follow so as long as you avoid the soaks (low areas between the dunes) you shouldn’t need to bush bash. There are large open middens partly across that extend to the ocean beach so the first part of the crossing is the most dense. The Coorong ocean beach is an excellent spot for fishing.The steep beach provides good access to gutters along the shore. Strong rips prevail so swimming is not advised. Maps and details to help you make the crossing are available at the house.Our preferred time to kayak across to the Peninsula is in Autumn when the weather is often calm. 


Visit our nearby town of Meningie. Take a lakeside stroll along the Pelican path and learn about Aboriginal culture, history and the natural environment of our region.

The Meningie waterfront is the perfect spot for a picnic so come prepared or take advantage of the many shops and cafes nearby. From the jetty at the northern end of the Pelican Path absorb breathtaking Lake Albert and Meningie waterfront views.A nearby Ostrich sculpture provides a great photo opportunity and tells the folklore of local bushranger and “Birdman of the Coorong” John Peggotty. From there cross over to Coorong Cottage Industries at The Chambers for locally made crafts and an extensive array of delicious local produce.Other great features of Meningie include the Meningie Lions self-guided walking trail (access from Bowmann Avenue) where in spring you may find over 12 different native orchids including the nationally endangered Metallic Sun Orchid.A short drive to the Meningie Lookout will reward you with extensive views of Lake Albert and the adjacent countryside.Step back in time when you visit the Meningie Cheese Factory Museum on Fiebig Road (by the Caravan Park). Run by volunteers, this is one of our favourite spots. You’ll find old farm and dairy machinery as well as a fascinating collection of household items from the past. Have a coffee or meal at Freshies Cafe and Bar while you are there.
If you play golf you’re sure to enjoy a round at the Lake Albert Golf Club, a quality 18-hole PAR 72 course. You can complete the loop by returning home to Coorong Waterfront Retreat via the Princes Highway. 


To make the most out of your stay, take one of the Coorong tours on offer in our region. These include:

Coorong Wildside Tours - our local Meningie provider. Personalized, small group, open-air boating experience. Custom tours available.

Spirit of the Coorong -  Based in Goolwa, a 2-hour drive from Coorong Waterfront Retreat. Medium group, enclosed boating experience.

Whatever you choose to do you will find plenty of information at the house to guide you on your way. Enjoy your stay!